SAP WebDynpro Online Training

SAP WebDynpro online training illustrates the responsibility of WebDynpro technology for the server end application development. This web technology is developed by SAP AG for special web applications which emphases on server end mutual application. The primary design feature is that, the user interface of the application is very clear in an exclusively declarative way.

We can use either ABAP (WebDynpro ABAP, WD4A or WDA) or Java (WebDynpro for Java, WD4J or WDJ) to develop WebDynpro Application. This training gives the complete idea on details of MVC pattern of SAP development. A design planning based on an analysis of the MVC design pattern is followed by WebDynpro which is model driven.

SAP WebDynpro online training gives an idea on the history of WebDynpro. The first WebDynpro version was released in the year 2003 and Java based and experienced limited commercial success. In the year 2010 a new java version was released. This version has been placed in maintenance, where the existing product is supported to the level that any bugs can be fixed, so there is no probability of adding new functions.

The effort of SAP's development is now dedicated on the ABAP variant. SAP WebDynpro online training explains the latest framework advantages used by the WebDynpro for the appropriate development of the server end application. The WebDynpro Framework is a server-end run- time environment. The developers place their own custom coding within these hook methods in order to implement the desired business functionality, which fits into one of the wide categories of either "round-trip" or "life-cycle", methods that are concerned with processing the static sequence of events that take place during a client-initiated round trip to the server.


  •    40 Hours (Spread over 30 days)
  •    Week Days Mon to Fri 6 pm to 8 pm (IST) OR on weekends (as convenient of the audience)


The course is outlined to provide knowledge of WebDynpro ABAP from Basic to Advanced level. The candidate must have a mandatory working knowledge of ABAP. Knowledge of ABAP Objects is good to have.

Recommended Prior Skills

  •     SAP ABAP (Mandatory)
  •     SAP ABAP OOPS(Desirable)
  •     SAP Workflows (Desirable)

Suitable Audience for the Training Program

  •    ABAP Consultants
  •    Professionals aspiring to learn and have a hands on experience on ABAP WebDynpro.

Overview of Training Program

  •     Course Overview/ Web Dynpro Introduction
  •     Web Dynpro Controllers
  •     Data Hierarchy Trees/ Web Dynpro Context
  •     User Interface Components
  •     Programming extensions
  •     Advanced Programming Technique
  •     Working with Portals(Portal Integration of Web Dynpro Application)
  •     Integration with Workflows
  •     Real Time Business Scenarios
  •     Demo Project

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