Sap Solution Manager Online Training

SAP Solution Manager is a centralized support and system management suite. An SAP system landscape may include a large amount of installed SAP systems. SAP Solution Manager tries to reduce and centralize the management of these systems.


  •     25 to 30 days (Either week days or week ends)
  •     40 Hours

Suitable Audience for the Training Program

  •     Experience in Technical consulting in SAP or
  •     Experience in Functional consulting in SAP

Detailed Training Program

SAP Solution Manager provides an extensive set of features in the IT Support area for enhancing, automating and improving the management of SAP systems:

  •     Central System Administration
  •     Project Management
  •     Test Management
  •     System Monitoring
  •     Business Process Monitoring
  •     E2E Root Cause Analysis
  •     IT Technical Reporting
  •     Centralized Alerting
  •     Installation Keys
  •     Early Watch Reporting
  •     Change Management (Change Request Management & Maintenance Optimizer)
  •     Service Desk

SAP Security Manager Training Topics

  •     Introducing SAP Solution Manager
  •     Evolution of SAP Solution Manager
  •     Need for SAP Solution Manager
  •     Tools Overview
  •     Installing SAP Solution Manager
  •     Hardware and Software Requirements
  •     Installation Procedures
  •     Basic Configuration Requirements
  •     System Landscapes:
  •     Creation of system Landscape
  •     Creation of logical component
  •     Integration
  •     RFC connections generation Using SAP Solution Manager in Operations System Monitoring
  •     Support Desk Service Desk Functions and benefits of service desk Configuration
  •     Flow of Service desk message resolution
  •     Integrate with SAP OSS
  •     Applying oss notes and patches
  •     Issue management
  •     Create service desk message from satellite systems
  •     Monitoring
  •     Integrates solution manager system with existing SAP management tools(CCMS)
  •     Setting up Early watch alert setting up service level reporting
  •     Central system administration
  •     Solution monitoring
  •     Establish connection from satellite systems to solution manager system
  •     SDCCN activation
  •     Change request management
  •     Configuration and use of Maintenance optimizer Checks for system availability


  •     The Course aspirants and Participants are fresher's or technical consultants from other fields
  •     The course is an on line two way interactive sessions.
  •     The course is currently schedules for 40 hrs. Participants need to plan for additional hours in case of necessity.
  •     Each session would vary between 1 to 1.5 hrs per day.
  •     The session will be conducted depending on the availability of the Trainer. The schedule would be provided in advance to all trainees.
  •     Participants to have their own systems and decent connectivity to internet which will enable uninterrupted session's (Audio / visual).
  •     We would provide you with remote connectivity of the service provider for server access. All queries to be sorted out with the provider over a call or mail. We ensure you of our support as and when necessary. We would pay the requisite fee for the server charges.
  •     Participants would be provided material before the session's start which would enable them to prepare themselves better.

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