SAP IS Oil and Gas Online Training

SAP for Oil & Gas is an industry-specific Enterprise solution from the software vendor SAP AG for oil and gas industry and the solution is designed to map the business processes of global Oil & Gas organizations. This Online training session intends to cover various modules /sub modules.

SAP for Oil & Gas is a suite of software solutions that supports varied proprietary business processes in Oil & Gas organizations which include categories such as Upstream, Midstream & Downstream. The solution also has core modules that include financial accounting, Distribution, Materials Management and Human Resource Capital functions etc. Most of the sub modules are covered in our Online training sessions.

SAP IS Oil and Gas Online Training program from us is designed as per industry requirements and it is fully comprehensive to provide skills-set to professionals from different backgrounds to step into functional consulting for SAP Oil & Gas Projects.

This course aims to provide inputs on Oil & Gas Business processes, Customization and mapping into SAP system, and Integration of SAP IS Oil & Gas components with Logistics Modules & FI module. The orientation also focuses on the system wide configurations for proper integration with Internal & external systems.

This is an overview of the session for specific details of the Online Training sessions.


  •     45 to 60 days (approx 1.5 hrs per day)
  •     Week days Monday to Friday
  •     Time 8.30 pm to 10 pm (Would be adjusted depending on the availability of the trainer)


  •     Prior work experience in ERP


  •     Business Processes knowledge in Oil & Gas
  •     Business Process in Sales Order Management
  •     Business Processes in Logistics Execution, Materials Management

Who can attend this program?

  •     Consultants with 3 to 4 years of experience in ABAP, SD, MM,
  •     Anyone with prior work experience in the Oil & Gas Industry with basic knowledge of the said ERP

IS Oil Overview

  •     SAP IS-Oil Basics & Overview of HPM, TD & Exchange business.
  •     SAP IS-Oil functional overview & What should consultant know more
  •     What is Industry Solution and why ; Why oil companies need SAP IS-Oil
  •     Partners involved in SAP IS-Oil
  •     Customer for SAP IS-Oil. Why should you know customer
  •     Possible knowledge areas.

CA-Cross Application Components

  •     General functionality ( Switch on and Off)
  •     Junction Functions
  •     Document relevance

Module 1 -TSW (Traders and Schedulers Workbench)

  •     Concept of TSW Why it needed in oil industry
  •     Master data
  •     Transport system (TS)
  •     Location (business location) and material
  •     Partner role
  •     Processes and Functions
  •     Nomination
  •     Ticketing
  •     Stock Projection Worksheet (SPW)
  •     Location Balancing
  •     Three-Way Pegging (3WP)
  •     Berth Planning Board (BPB)
  •     Worklist
  •     Lay time and demurrages

Module 2 – MAP (Marketing Accounting and Pricing)

  •     Concept and components of oil pricing.
  •     Crude oil pricing & sources of data
  •     Influencing factors for oil pricing
  •     DRC Pricing and configuration setting
  •     Formula & Average pricing. Day, week and month based pricing.
  •     Oil Price Quotations & configuration setting
  •     Date & Time specific pricing

Module 3 – TD (Transportation and Distribution)

  •     Concept of vehicle & Vehicle Master & configuration setting.
  •     Concept of Transport Unit& related master & IMG setting.
  •     Example from industry practice.
  •     Compartment master & Driver master
  •     Meter master
  •     License master
  •     Bulk shipment integration within the supply chain
  •     Bulk shipment processing
  •     In-transit stock concept
  •     Reporting

Module 4 – MCOE (Marketing Contracts and Order Entry)

  •     Quantity Schedule -QS
  •     Sales Order call-off
  •     Alternative Supply Plant Determination in
  •     Check the external details in sales documents.
  •     Item Category Re determination

Module 5 – EXW (Oil Exchange Business)

  •     Concept of Oil Exchange Business
  •     Exchange agreement and configuration setting.
  •     Type of exchange agreement and contracts with configuration setting.
  •     Partners in oil exchange business & related master data.
  •     Contract & Call off for Sales Order business scenario
  •     Contract & Call off for Purchase Order business scenario
  •     Exchange Balance & Netting

Module 6 – HPM (Hydrocarbon Product Management)

  •     Concept of HPM. Why HPM needed in oil industry
  •     Concept of Dynamic Quantity Conversion. Difference between static &dynamic conversion.
  •     Quantity Conversion Interface (QCI). Display of QCI
  •     Configuration in SAP with configuration setting.
  •     List of Product types for HPM
  •     Concept of Silo management. Display of Silos in SAP.
  •     Characteristics of Silo Management
  •     Reason for differences in Physical and Book stock.
  •     QCI interface

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