SAP ABAP HR Online Training

ABAP is a very high level programming language created by the German software company SAP. The ABAP programming language was originally used by developers to develop the SAP R/3 platform. It was also intended to be used by SAP customers to enhance SAP applications – customers can develop custom reports and interfaces with ABAP programming.

ABAP HR – For consultants the objective in the HR component is to enable & process resource related data according to requirements of business in a structured form. The HR module uses Infotypes – a system of data grouped. It stores data in Cluster files (eg. time management, payroll data etc). HR programming involves data extraction & use from the Infotypes & clusters using LDB/MACRO & functional modules.

Infotypes are identified by a 4 digit numeric strings. Infotypes can be saved as time dependant to enable evaluation of staff data. For users Infotypes appear as user screens through which a person can maintain records. It can be done by Individuals or in a fast entry mode.

HR ABAP uses select statements significantly lesser than other areas of ABAP development. Logical database are very useful in HR but limited in other modules. Infotype time constraints concepts need to be understood since data organization in HR is staff – Time based. It is critical for consultants to understand this aspect of HR ABAP.

HR ABAP is the development of ABAP in the area of HR to meet organizational requirements according to their functional needs which vary from organization to organization. It may be in any area of HR such as time, pay, OM & Self Services such a E Recruitment, ESS etc.


  •    25 to 30 days
  •    35 Hours


  •    Basics of ABAP or
  •    Functional knowledge in HR Domain

Course Content

1. SAP HR Overview

  •     Components of HR Module
  •     Over view of HR modules
  •     How HR is different from Other Module

2. HR Programming

  •     Logical database PNP/PNPCE
  •     Structure of Database Tables in HR module ( Infotype)
  •     Infotype Structure
  •     Time constraints in HR
  •     Infotypes – Data retrieval
  •     Repetitive Structure and List Display
  •     Macros in HR

3. Working with Infotypes

  •     Customer Infotype
  •     Infotype Enhancements

4. OM & PA modules

  •     Enterprise structure
  •     Personal structure
  •     OM relation ships
  •     Demo on PA report
  •     Demo on OM report

5. Pay roll Module

  •     Payroll Basics
  •     Working with clusters
  •     Payroll process
  •     Payroll reporting – Using function modules
  •     Calling Programs (Submit, Call Transaction, Leave to list processing)
  •     Retro and off cycle payroll importance

6. HR Authorizations

  •     Authorizations in SAP
  •     Structural authorizations

7. Reporting tools

  •     SAP Query
  •     Ad hoc query
  •     HR Other modules
  •     ESS & MSS – Significance
  •     Others

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