SAP ABAP Online Training

By participating in SAP ABAP Online Training sessions one can learn SAP ABAP. SAP system is an ERP which is used to improve every aspect of business management. SAP comprises of different technical and functional modules, SAP ABAP is a technical module which introduces you to the programming concepts of SAP.

ABAP – Advanced Business Application Programming. ABAP is a high level programming language developed by a German software giant SAP AG. ABAP was originally developed in SAP R/3. Developers continue using the same platform. It is also designed to be used by organizations / customer to improve the SAP applications. Using ABAP the organizations / customers can customize based on their current needs.

ABAP programming language is not a playing tool for non-programmers. It is easy to learn and the basic requirement for a programmer to create ABAP program is good programming skills, knowledge on relational database design and also object-oriented concepts. In our ABAP Online training we will teach latest version of ABAP and it is also called ABAP Objects and supports object-oriented programming. SAP will run applications written in ABAP/4, SAP R/3, and also using ABAP Objects.

There is a great difference between learning ABAP and applying in real time scenarios. The critical success factor is learning ABAP and applying it real time. During the sessions the trainer and the trainee need to coordinate and ensure the trainee understands how ABAP is applied in real time scenarios. This is a critical success factor of this ABAP session. This coordination enables consultants to have an advantage over competition. The objective of every learner either fresher or experienced is to gain a consulting assignment or do better in their current assignments over colleagues respectively. These SAP ABAP Online Training sessions which are knowledge enhancer enable such efficiencies.


  •    30 days
  •    40 Hours (daily 1.5 hrs)


  •    Should be from a technical Background.
  •    Should have some prior programming experience.

Suitable Audience for the Training Program

  •    Fresher's who are looking for a career in SAP.
  •    ABAP Consultants looking to freshen up on ABAP Programming concepts.
  • Note : We would conduct a screen test for fresher's to attend the session.

Course Content

1. Basics of Object Oriented ABAP

2. SAP R/3 Fundamentals

  •     3 tier Architecture
  •     NetWeaver basics
  •     ERP terms
  •     Application Server Fundamentals : Work processes and Dispatcher

3. ABAP Dictionary Concepts

  •     Tables, Data Elements and Domains
  •     Transparent, Pooled and clustered tables
  •     Buffering, Indexes etc.,
  •     Structure, Table types and Type pools
  •     Views, Search helps and Lock objects

4. ABAP Programming Basics

  •     Data Types, Variables, Types, Operators, Expressions etc
  •     I/O Statements, Formatting commands
  •     Conditional statements, Loops and termination statements
  •     String and Date operations and System fields
  •     Fields Strings and Text Elements
  •     Internal Tables (All Operations)
  •     Types of Internal Tables (Standard, Sorted and Hashed)
  •     Joins, Nested selects Sub queries and For All Entries etc
  •     Open SQL statements and performance issues
  •     Messages (Creating and Calling etc.,)
  •     Modularization (Subroutines, Function Modules, Macros and Includes)
  •     Field Symbols
  •     Revision
  •     Debugging programs (Break Point, Watch points etc)
  •     Extended syntax check, Run-time Analysis, Performance Trace

5. Reports

  •     Classical Report Events
  •     Control Level Commands (AT First, AT New etc).,
  •     Selection Screen: Parameters
  •     Select –options and variants
  •     Selection screen designing (Blocks,Push buttons, Radio buttons etc)
  •     Interactive report events
  •     Menu painter: Designing and calling GUI Status
  •     Hide, Read Line, Get cursor, Modify line, Window etc., statements
  •     System fields of reports
  •     ALV reporting

6. Dialog Programs

  •     Screens, flow logic events and Module pool
  •     Basic Screen elements (I/O field, Radio buttons and Check box etc.,)
  •     Maintaining screen sequences (Set screen, Call Screen and leave to screen)
  •     Field checks (Automatic, flow logic and module pool)
  •     Calling Programs (Submit, Call Transaction, Leave to list processing)
  •     Sub screens and modal Screens
  •     Table Controls, Step loops and Tab strips

7. File Handling

  •     Local Files (Upload, Download etc)
  •     BDC session method (Creating, Processing, Analyzing and Correction errors in Sessions)

8. Enhancements

  •     BADI

9. RFC

  •     Introduction of RFC
  •     Communication mechanisms through RFC
  •     ABAP interfaces (RFC)

10. BAPI

  •     SAP Business Objects
  •     Creating Business Object types
  •     Developing BAPIs
  •     Working with a standard BAPI

11. Demo Project

Course Highlights

  •     The Course aspirants and Participants are fresher's or technical consultants from other fields.
  •     The course is an on line session..
  •     The course is currently schedules for 40 hrs. Participants need to plan for additional hrs in case of necessity.
  •     Each session would vary between 1.5 hrs per day.
  •     Each session will include a 30 mts Query session.
  •     The session will be conducted depending on the availability of the Trainer.
  •     The schedule would be provided in advance to all trainees.
  •     Participants to have their own systems and decent connectivity to internet access which will enable uninterrupted session's (Audio / visual).
  •     We would provide you with remote connectivity of the service provider for server access.
  •     All queries to be sorted out with the provider over a call or mail. We ensure you of our support as and when necessary.
  •     Participants would be provided material before the session's start which would enable them to prepare themselves better

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