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  • 1. What is SAP?

    SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing and is used by large organizations to manage their business. SAP has different modules for 21 industry sectors currently.

  • 2. Is SAP for me?

    Any graduate who has basic business process knowledge would be eligible for a SAP career. SAP has very good market in the industry with high paying positions. Before selecting SAP module you should double check your status which is good for you & based on your experience and background. Also check with your colleagues / friends the areas to consider which suite your background.

  • 3. In which SAP module do you provide training?

    Talent Transformers provides training in some Niche skills in the SAP space. We have also started sessions which enable the learner to move to Niche SAP trainings for the next levels in knowledge enhancements. Please refer our session details.

  • 4. When and where are training sessions held?

    We provide Online Training sessions during weekdays & weekends. You could be in any part of the world to take up such sessions. It is critical to look at your time zone and convenient time for such sessions.

  • 5. What if I have a question between two classes? Will you be able to help me on that?

    Help is just a call/mail away. If a question or  doubt arise in your mind while you are practicing or going through the notes, just call or send an email to the instructor. There may be slight gaps in delays as the trainer would be busy attending other sessions. We are transparent and would help you achieve your objective.

  • 6. Will I be provided with study material?

    Yes, we provide an extensive soft copy of the study material with step by step instructions which will be helpful for your practice. This would also depend on the trainer and the level of knowledge he is imparting.

  • 7. Do I need to be certified before I get a job?

    To work as a SAP Consultant Certification is not mandatory, but most of the employers considers certification. We are offering our courses especially for knowledge enhancement and a few support certifications. The certification session which we impart are only for overseas consultants and not applicable in India.

  • 8. Do I have to know software programming before going for SAP Training?

    We mentioned everything in the broacher about all courses, if you follow our individual course requirement it would be helpful to you. Some courses will need basic knowledge to improve your understanding capability.

  • 9. Do I have to be a software engineer to attend SAP training?

    No, you may belong to any educational background or any work experience. Eg. If you want to register for Industry Specific solutions such as Oil & Gas, Retail, Utilities it is advisable to take up sessions in SD / MM for better understanding of these Niche skill modules.

  • 10. How long is the duration for SAP training?

    Duration of our course and session time may vary for each session. It would be updated in the Broacher. It could vary from 20 hrs to 80 hrs.

  • 11. Are Instructors at Talent Transformers Certified by SAP?

    We have a few SAP certified Instructors who worked for  multinational companies around the world and few of them are well experienced trainers they have been conducting online sessions from 10 years. At talent transformers we select the best trainer to maintain quality standards.

  • 12. Do you provide services for Interview/placement and resume writing?

    We do not provide this service.

  • 13. What SAP training should I take with my kind of education & experience?

    We are offering training sessions both for experienced and fresher's if you want to register with us for the Niche skills we suggest you take up fresher modules if you do not have prior exposure in SAP. Eg. If you want to enroll for IS Retail we suggest you do a fresher course on SD / MM which would give you a better understanding of the main session.

  • 14. Where is Talent Transformers Located?

    We are located in IT Hub – Andhra Pradesh (India).

  • 15. Why should I choose Talent Transformers?

    It is not mandatory to choose Talent Transformers. At Talent Transformers we provide specialized Training in Niche SAP skills with the highly experienced and some of them would be certified trainers. We focus on quality and not quantity. To enable proper learning we limit our sessions from 5 trainees to a maximum 10 trainees. Some sessions are also limited to 3 or 4 consultants only.

  • 16. How much does it cost for SAP training?

    Once you filled with our inquiry form you will get an email of fee structure for all SAP modules and you can also call us or mail us for further details and fees structure. You could also fill in your details in the contact form and we would revert to you with more information.

  • 17. Will I have to share a computer with other students?

    As these are online sessions you need to have your own computer. We shall provide separate login id's for each session. You would also need an internet connections to access such sessions.

  • 18. Do you offer SAP End-user level programs?

    No. For end users we suggest enhancement sessions to move into functional areas in SAP.

  • 19. When do you have free SAP information sessions, Seminars, Career Counselling?

    We don't have such sessions. We can have a one on one session with the trainers if you have any query in the course you would like to undertake. As mentioned earlier our trainers have experience working in large multinationals and have extensive training exposure.

  • 20. Do you provide system access during the course?

    We do provide system access during the course of the session. Post the session if you would want to practice to become an expert you may have to extend your access by paying money to the service provider. We could facilitate such connectivity with the service provider.

  • 21. Why take an online course?

    Distance Education is one of the best ways for Time management for a learner & the trainer through this you can learn the course at your own place. Even large institutions such as IIM's are conducting online sessions as good trainers are limited in number and persons who want to learn are across the world. Hence Online sessions are practical.

  • 22. How does it work?

    In most of the cases Trainer will use Go To Meeting or Webex or Skype etc for deliver the Coursework, using Internet as a medium. Every course there will be a specify time period. Students can select their convenient time to attend the classes, and they will work on their assignments each week. If students have doubts they  could write to the trainer to sort out their issues or raise queries pre or post the sessions.

  • 23. Is online learning right for me?

    If the students are very responsible, self-motivated and if they are good in managing their precious time then they are successful learners. Successful online learners are self-motivated, responsible, and able to manage their time well.

  • 24. What computer skills do I need?

    Students should have basic computer operating skills. As our courses are easily accessible..

    Our courses are user-friendly. Students should be successful if they have basic computer skills, including working with Basic Programming in a Windows system environment, navigating the internet using a standard browser, and familiarity with standard email etc.

  • 25. What are the technology requirements?

    Students need to have basic configuration on their systems which would enable to connect and participate along with internet requirement. With respect to the server access the service provider would provide a link or access pin to enable you practice on his platform. The learner needs to have basic knowledge to download software tools as and when required.

  • 26. Minimum Software Requirements:

    If you are running a Microsoft desktop as a operating system, it should be updated with the latest  available service pack to be installed with all security patches released by Microsoft with an Anti-Virus software.

    Above mentioned configurations are basic requirements  expected to be feasible for online training sessions along with internet connectivity.

  • 27. How do I find the right course?

    Students can select an appropriate program by browsing our website and can fill in the contact form.  Once we receive your details we would get back to you through a mail or a call from our team members. At Talent Transformers we do not register everyone who wants to get enrolled. We suggest and advise the candidates that they need to have specific background for specific sessions. The reason being our sessions would have 4 to 5 participating in the sessions only.

  • 28. How do I register?

    You can inquire through our website Contact Us page, Of course you can also mail us at training@talenttransformers.com for further details or speak to our team members.

  • 29. How are course materials delivered?

    Most of the material is delivered by the trainer during the sessions.

  • 30. How do I buy textbooks?

    The instructor will provide information about how to purchase the required textbook / material if required.

  • 31. How do I communicate with the instructor, program staff, and other students?

    Most of the communication will be done through email before and during the course. You could also share information during the sessions with our experienced trainer and we would get back to you.

  • 32. How do I find and log on to the course?

    Before starting the course date, the program staff will send the required details for accessing the session it will include the course website address, username and password information. You would also be sent an invite for such sessions by the trainer.

  • 33. How do I find my way around inside the course?

    These are live sessions and enable two way communications with the trainers and the trainees. The tools used are really convenient and the trainer would help you if you have any difficulty.

  • 34. How do I get help?

    You could reach out to the trainer for technical help or for administrative help you would be provided with other contact numbers. Talent Transformers believes in  transparency and we would support you during the program you register for.